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FLASH NUMBER 1 : We are accepted as a member of the Board of Advisors of Nizcare, India.  

FLASH NUMBER 2 : RD's YOUTUBE channel will be on air soon. We will inform you from here. 

FLASH NUMBER 3 :The number of visitors of our website (www.rdconsultancy.net) has reached 14000. We are now a worldwide known company. Thank you for your growing interest.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST : Biotechnological Drugs Society (BİYİLDER) will be a speaker and moderator in "Biosimilars Congress 2019" in Budapest on 25,26 March 2019. YOu can see the banner below. 


A new period for RD Consultancy  has started. You can contact via our e-mail : info@rddanisman.com or phone: 312-4844684.

You can also visit our webpages www.rddanisman.com (Turkish) or www.rdconsultancy.net (English).

You can also get more information about the services (consultancy, training, research) we give from our website


               PARTICIPANT NUMBER : All trainings are applied, paticipant upper limit is 20 and lower limit is 10. If the number of registered participants are less, then all the registered participants are reimbursed within a week and they are informed by e mail.

               EARLY REGISTRATION: The training fee is 300 (Two hundred Turkish Liras) + VAT (%8) per day till 10 days before the training.

               LATE REGISTRATION: The training fee is 450 (Two hundred Turkish Liras) + VAT (%8) per day till 2 days before the training.

              “The registrations are closed  in the last two days.  “                

               TRAINING PLACE : Gazi Üniversitesi Gölbaşı Kampüsü Teknopark Binası (Mogan Salonu) -                                                          Gölbaşı - ANKARA

Training binder, certificate, RD -info, ID, 1 pen

               TRAINING HOURS :

               HOW SHALL I REGISTER?: After sending the training fee into RD's account, the participants have to send a copy of the invoice to RD by mail, and an e mail about the registration will be sent.

               TRAINING PROGRAM: The program will be given to the participants after the registration. The topics and the list of trainers will be available on the website 2 months before the training. 

               TRAINING MATERIAL:  A binder including all the preseantations will be provided during the training.

         LANGUAGE : Official language of the trainings are Turkish. If a foreign lecturer joins the trainers, that presentation will be in English.

         CERTIFICATE: The certificates of the participants will be send to their contact info.